Bachelorette Party Dress - A Night Out

It’s your special night out to celebrate your impending nuptials. WHAT DO YOU WEAR? The answer lies in one question - What kind of bride are you? See below for some of our 2019 bridal wear inspiration for a night out!

The Rose-Colored Glasses Bride

Life is good. You’re marrying the person of your dreams and there is no budget for the affair. When the world is your oyster and you live on cloud 9, there’s no other choice than a whimsical floral to match your carefree attitude.


Left: Lulu’s $87
Middle: Keepsake,
Wylie Grey $265
Right: Alice McCall,
Moda Operandi $395

The Bridezilla

YOU are getting married, so this is YOUR night. All eyes and attention should be on YOU. Duh. The wedding is the one and only thing that matters, so why would you wear anything else but WHITE?


Left: Band of Gypsies, Lulu’s $129
Middle: LPA,
Revolve $238
Right: Alexis,
Moda Operandi $595

The Unconventional Bride

When all other brides are carrying peonies, you choose dahlias. Instead of three tiers of fondant, your cake will be tiers of artisanal cheeses. Nothing at your wedding will be expected. Naturally, you’ll be in black for your bachelorette night.


Left: Dress the Population, Nordstrom Rack $94.97
Middle: Likely,
Bergdorf Goodman $218
Right: Milly,
ShopBop $450

See something you like? Want more? Stay tuned for more bachelorette party outfit inspiration. There is a lot more to the weekend than a night out, and we’ve got you covered from head to toe!