The Bachelorette Party Game We Love

Bachelorette party games. There are some that can be corny, hilarious or raunchy, and there are some that are a combination of all three. They can be super fun and provide hours of entertainment if the group is into it, but also risk being just a boring distraction if it is not the bride's style. As the bride, you're either against them or for them, and we completely respect your decision. But after a lot of research, feedback and attending bachelorette parties ourselves, we have found that at the end of the day, there is always one game that almost everyone can get on board with. And now, we have been fortunate enough to partner with them to share their new edition and give you all the deets!

You’ve arrived at your bachelorette party, decided to get dinner catered and stay in for the night. Or you are pregaming with a few cocktails before bottle service at a nightclub. Or you are hanging by the pool for the afternoon and need some entertainment. Downtime at your bachelorette party is always a must. BUT, usually that downtime is crucial for bonding, hanging out and having some good laughs with the ladies (and likely some drinks). We have found that no matter where the party or what the atmosphere, there is one answer that goes above and beyond and gets us riled up every single time…What Do You Meme.

AND, guess what?!

They have just come out with a new edition, and we could not be more excited because it is the perfect addition to your bachelorette party or girl's weekend. We have partnered with What Do You Meme to share with you the highly anticipated, For The Girls Adult Party Game.


The game covers multiple categories that will engage everyone attending the bachelorette. Whether you have a small group of six ladies, or a crew of twenty - everyone can play and all guests will be thoroughly entertained! From Truth or Dare to Rapid Fire to Best of the Best and Most Likely To cards - no stone will be left unturned. You'll get to know the bride, bridal party, your friends AND your acquaintances even better than you were hoping to.

What we love most about this game is that you have the option to make it your own and work for the girls that are attending the party. Only want to cover one category? Go for it! Want to turn it into a drinking game? Be our guest. Want to specifically target the bride and make her embarrassed / laugh or let her ask the questions? By all means. Or you can play the traditional way and roll the die, woman up and play the hand that is dealt to you. Just make sure everyone knows to create a judgement free zone...and of course, whatever happens at a bachelorette party, stays at a bachelorette party (whether in Vegas, or not in Vegas).


While you can always purchase For The Girls on Amazon, we would love to curate a package for you to send directly to your girl's weekend. We can include party swag and decorations that coordinate with your theme or color scheme of the weekend and include this and any other game to maximize your weekend fun! The bride can keep this game on hand to bring out at future bachelorettes, and even before and after her wedding!

Keep an eye out on our Instagram page, @bachtobasic for a giveaway as we'll soon be giving two lucky winners a For The Girls game to take with them to their party.