Top Bachelorette Party Destinations in 2019

We’re back with the most anticipated bachelorette party destinations for 2019! Are you planning a bachelorette party, but still struggling to decide on a location to go with your favorite lady friends? We've got some of the most requested places in 2019 so far, and why they are so high on the list.



When it comes to warm weather locations Scottsdale is completely underrated! From pool parties to excellent bars - there is no shortage of places to have a good time. Looking for more of a relaxing weekend? Rent a big house with a pool, hit the spa or even play a round of golf! This place has. it. all.


New Orleans

NOLA has been high on the bachelor/bachelorette party destination list for a while now, and it continues to live up to all expectations. Good food? Got it. Nightlife (and “daylife”)? Got it. Water excursions and cultural activities? GOT IT. After planning many bachelorette parties in this fabulous city, and we continue to find new ideas time after time. There is no shortage of magic here!



No matter what time of year, this city is ready to PAR-TAY. An incredible variety of things to do, restaurants to dine at, bars to dance at…rooftops, spas, museums - the possibilities are endless! There is so much to do, in fact, that we highly recommend having the weekend planned out to avoid standing in lines or having things sell out. While not light on the wallet, do it right and it will be worth every penny!


Lake Tahoe

A destination worth the hassle of travel. With stunning views everywhere you look, this location is ideal for the ultimate girls getaway weekend. There are plenty of ways to get out on the water and explore the mountains! Take your party out to the bars after a nice dinner, or keep it low key at your epic house rental with delicious catering. There is something for everyone. And it doesn’t hurt that the whole crew’s Insta game will be killing it with all the photo ops!


Las Vegas

It doesn't get more basic than Las Vegas! You know what they say - what happens in Vegas... Whether you're here to party or just want to relax and catch a show, Vegas has a bit of something for everyone. Catch a Thunder Down Under show before getting down to Cardi B at the newly opened Kaos Nightclub. Show off that beach bod with the Chainsmokers at Encore Beach Club. Whether you're looking to dayparty or hit the nightclubs, Discotech's got you covered. Vegas also hosts restaurants from some of the world's best chefs. Looking to turn it down? Nurse that hangover at any of the ultra luxury spas at the Aria or Venetian. Viva la vegas, baby!

Bach to Basic can make your bachelor or bachelorette party dreams come true! Whether you're still undecided on a location, or need full service planning, we're here to help with our all inclusive services! We can't wait to get the party started!

House Rental Versus Hotel - Which Is Best For Your Bach?

A question we get a lot for our bachelor and bachelorette parties! The comfort and luxury of a hotel or resort, or the independence and communal space of a house rental? Which is best for your group? We've broken down the pros and cons of both accommodations to help you decide!

One of our Mexico bach parties staying at the Hyatt Playa del Carmen!

One of our Mexico bach parties staying at the Hyatt Playa del Carmen!

Hotel Pros

  • Hotels can be more affordable for a small group versus a large group.
  • Cleaning service, duh! No dishes or bed making!
  • Hotel amenities on location - pool, spa, concierge, etc. Can be great activities for your group without going very far.
  • Room service...
  • Sometimes more options for hotels are available in major cities.

Hotel Cons

  • Hotels can be very pricey for large groups depending on the number of rooms you need.
  • Booking multiple rooms splits your group up instead of having communal space (unless you are able to upgrade to suites!). You'll have to squeeze in, or find another location for some downtime.
  • Hotels can be very expensive in major cities, especially during certain times of year.
  • Lack of city authenticity - staying in a chain hotel can feel the same anywhere.
One of our Austin bach parties on their deck at their Airbnb in Zilker Park!

One of our Austin bach parties on their deck at their Airbnb in Zilker Park!

House Rental Pros

  • House rentals provide communal space for hanging out, which is especially great for large groups!
  • Space to prepare your own meals or have more extravagant meals catered in.
  • Room to setup a bubbly bar, Bloody Mary bar, etc!
  • More ability to select the amenities you're looking for.
  • Generally, there is a large selection of unique houses/apartments and a larger variety of spaces.
  • House rentals are available in smaller cities and more remote areas.
  • More space for decorating!
  • Often more bathroom space, and groups can get ready together!
  • Generally, house rentals are a more affordable option depending on city and time of year. Owners are sometimes willing to negotiate price.

House Rental Cons

  • Sometimes better houses are located further from downtown areas.
  • No cleaning service during your stay.
  • Less amenities are available on site - no concierge or manager if something goes wrong.
  • Checking in and out can sometimes be more of a hassle than a hotel.

Since we primarily work with larger groups on our bachelor and bachelorette parties, we tend to lean towards suggesting house rentals. We love the ability to schedule meal and grocery deliveries, encourage downtime in the morning to catch up with friends and send lots of decor for Instagram worthy photos!

Any other hotel or house rental pros and cons you can think of? Let us know below!