Let's Get This Party Started!

Let's get this girl to put her hair up on her last single lady days!

September 16, 2017


Let's Party!

Check In

After a wonderful brunch and bridal shower, we will make our way into NYC and get settled in the Sheraton Tribeca. We will pop a couple bottles, glam up and be ready for a night in the big city!

Pinkies Up

Strut your stuff all the way up to the top of the Gansevoort to Plunge Rooftop! Private space will be reserved for fancy cocktails and light appetizers. A perfect place for group photos and getting the night started!

Dining & Wining

Saturday night dinner at Buddakan. Asian inspired cuisine shared family style in an incredible venue. What more could a group of ladies ask for?


Bars have been selected to keep the party going! We'll follow the vibe from the group and determine where the first stops will be...and of course, end the night with a dance party in a frat-like basement.

Sunday (May Or May Not Be A) Funday

The Only Answer...

...Bagels and/or brunch. We'll let the mood decide how adventurous we are feeling. Sunglasses on in a bagel joint, or sunglasses on in a real restaurant...TBD!!

Do the Do'

This place is near our hotel. It's a must.